Your partner will love it when you get naked in front of him, while the music plays in the background (or not) and while making him lie on his back, he can accept the reverse cowgirl situation and give him some great views. I'm Monica, a whore with a really pretty face and a body full of sinful curves. Beautiful and calm, I like to transmit my calm in entertaining conversations and moments of relaxation, although I am very active when it comes to my intimate relationships, where I am an erupting volcano. I like the pleasures of life, the company of a passionate man, his caresses, feeling his … his desire is mine.

After having known the 7.0 recipes that I consider are basic to delight new flavors on the pleasure scale, I now leave you a small test, which will help you assess your sexual personality, and will make you know yourself much better. While the good guy focuses on not making mistakes and complying with society, the bad guy goes around stabbing everyone he can in the back, while profiting illicitly and, of course, hiding, and what better way to pretend to be honorable to report.

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Among the most frequent reasons that lead men to the urologist is balanitis or irritation / inflammation of the penis. In certain cases, this irritation is mild and goes away on its own and for a few days. In other cases, such irritation can lead to an infection of the glans or a joint infection of the glans and foreskin. In the first case we speak of balanitis; in the second, of balanoposthitis.

The sex toy must be washed every time it is going to be used or the toy has finished being used. This washing has to be especially careful when the erotic toy in question is a vibrating toy. It is essential to avoid, if we want to take care of a sex toy with a battery and a vibration motor, that the water with which we clean it comes into contact with that battery or with that vibrating motor.

Sometimes we need a reboot. If you're feeling burdened, overwhelmed, or disappointed in sex or dealing with generally negative feelings, it's okay and really healthy to take time away from sex. Here are some things to do when you have a celibacy break: Spend time in the library.

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Dear Neil, I have saved a column you wrote over a decade ago called Cattle Raising 101: Engaged Men. My copy has turned yellow and frayed over the years, can you go back to running that column? I think many would like to see it again. That is, the mechanics of the sexual act itself have no secrets. On the other hand, MAKING LOVE in a full way is a much more complex activity and requires the physical and sensitive involvement of both members of the couple.

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And if you don't dare to do something this way, don't limit yourself to trying different ways or instances of giving her an entertaining and exciting blowjob. Maybe surprise him while he's on the phone. Or wake him up at night or early morning directly with oral sex. In the car or under the table. The best thing about 'bad sex' is how erotic it is, finally. And if you have a hot tea or infusion nearby, take a sip and then perform oral sex. You will surely overheat his body and his heart will jump in ecstasy.

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Christ loved the church with a selfless, selfless, sacrificial love. A love that paid a very high cost: death, and death on the cross. Loving as Christ loved represents too great a challenge for any man. When I read the words Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church, and also gave himself for her79 (Ephesians 5:25), I cannot feel less than shaken, as I mentalize the responsibility that the blog has placed on the shoulders of each husband. the blog is asking us husbands to love with a love (agape) equal to that of Christ. And this is an impossible mandate to fulfill without the assistance of the blog itself. No husband can love as Christ loved the church by relying only on his willpower and resolve.

Let's face it, there is no reason to win opponents or have a confrontation with someone who may not even know of their existence. It is totally absurd since we are diverting all the responsibility of the unfaithful to another person. From a certain moment, the rivalry is no longer about the object of the dispute, but about the other member of the couple, taken not as an object, but as an objective to be won, overcome, subdued or subdued at all costs.

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