Being thoughtful when it comes to love is a thing that many people have as a mistaken idea of its true purpose. We believe that having romantic details with a person can occupy an essential field in the goal of conquering that person, but if we adjust to reality, we discover that this field is perhaps not as simple as many think.

It was simple my king, just cut the branch, and the hawk flew

Regarding the moral thinking of the season that Løgstrup described as the phenomenon of shyness [52], we define the natural sexual shortness that one that an individual can have especially to sex and nudity in front of strangers or little known. Including those intimate thoughts and feelings that a human can have compared to love, sex and relationships.

Do you think marriage is forever?

They have intense sex little by little more in sadomasochism, lesbianism, homosexuality and more and more infinite and novel degenerations where love is gagged by unconsciousness. There is unbearable love because this is the nature of love. Love is unique, eternal, infinite. The rest is a love that perpetually gets out of hand, it seems that it exists but it is like something that tends to escape from us.

Women are milk. I the first. We complain that men are cowards and are incapable of saying things as they are, but when we meet a brave man who utters the damn I no longer want to be with you, we are useless to overcome rejection without inferiority complexes.

They cause real problems and pain for the couple, since they must be cared for continuously so that they do not commit acts that can lead them to prison, while in the companion there is incalculable fatigue because the ability of the patient is much faster and more calculating at The less they imagine the couple has already committed the offense. In infinity of times they will have to put out their faces while they must return what they stole, when they still have it, because in many cases they throw away what they extracted, give it away or hide it.

I'm going to think about it, and I tell him

Reactivity is a term he uses in courtship interactions. It's really nice not to be reactive the moment a whore shows no sexual interest in you because you are communicating that you have a life.

You just need to make yourself a small ball full of confetti. Take a paper napkin as thin as you can. If you separate the different layers by which a normal paper napkin is formed and you keep one of them you will have the perfect thickness. Spread it out and pour as much confetti into it as you can. Then close it to wrap the confetti to form a ball (Figures 57 and 58).

The rape of the whore is the woman who discovers the man as a machine and not as a human. In that sense, he cares about the human animal as a male so that it unties him and satisfies his passion. But feminine passion is inexhaustible so it needs man as the phallus of a perfect machine, because they do not think or serve anything other than to give him pleasure. It is this woman who rejects as much sacred in her that is love, and continues to love life and even man, but sexually corrupts her feminine passion.

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To do so, delve into your feelings

If I am as I have always been, if I remain exactly the same person you met, if I try to be consistent with my way of meditating and feeling, then who has disappointed you? If you are as you have always been, if you are still the same person I knew, with these same qualities that attracted me so much (and now repel me), if you are consistent with your way of meditating and feeling, then who has disappointed?.

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SUSTAINABLE, EXCITING SEX carries inventiveness. Or perhaps it is better to say that creativity leads to sustainable and exciting sex. Either way, fantasy sex is creative, thinking about sex. With a little imagination, you can create unpredictable scenarios that awaken seduction, fear, intimacy, violence and taboo. The realization of fantasies lets you recreate the feeling of chasing and being chased. Fantasy sex can involve slavery, role play, multiple partners, domination and submission, or number. It can also involve simple sex games and sexual haggling with your lover. Sure, building a dungeon in your basement can keep things interesting, but it can also offer to submit to your partner's sexual whims for a back massage or routine family chore.

With me you will find the greatest complicity

If we look back a bit, we will realize that relationships were durable before, the statistics were contrary to what they are today, see your grandparents or your parents celebrating silver weddings or in some cases golden weddings For the years that you have been married, why is this no longer this way? Today it is so easy to say that it is not what you thought or believed, I did not imagine that being married to you would be an ordeal, that living together And every day with someone under exactly the same roof, it made me see that marriage is not for me.

Since then, this way of thinking has not been natural to all women in the world, since even the man who seems like a slave is still violent and irresponsible and, on his own, has confusion with his way of feeling. He lives through many other brainwashes and is sometimes able to free himself from having to give money externally for having a woman that I once loved.