The inner or lesser lips are two folds, located on the outer lips, that surround the clitoris and the vaginal opening. They unite in front, forming the foreskin or hood of the clitoris. It is an area sensitive to stimuli, when the woman is not excited, its color is reddish, when the woman is excited, its color becomes darker because it fills with blood, increasing its size up to 3 times, these are important signs that show that the woman is excited and close to reaching orgasm. In many cases, the person in charge of taking care of their partner rearranges work schedules, looking for a room that is adequate according to the needs of their partner and other major or minor adjustments. Look moms (and don't get me), why don't you come out of the closet? Possibly not all the sex of our lives is with love, that is a utopia. One falls in love three or 4 times in life, hopefully. It is not logical, it is not natural or prudent to wait for those few opportunities to copulate. Do not provide us with an apology to accuse you, like the evangelists, of tending to hysteria. Sex without love is a right that corresponds to you as much as to us, and that we exercise, recognize it or number. In addition to this it has its advantages, it prevents heart attacks, burns fats, releases free radicals, improves the immune system and even rejuvenates ( or at least it lets you age more smiling). There is nothing wrong with being a bitch, it is not a sin that one day you go to the store and buy the first thing that provokes you without evaluating so much the options, after all you will end up changing it sooner or later, the only thing you need is this way assume it. We will follow them delighted in their belief, as we are accustomed to following them in everything else. We will love and respect them without asking them about their sexual record, at least those who one day claim to be at their height, those who, behind the penis, are worthwhile. The purpose is to offer him something that no other has and can see, that something must be original and naturally constitutive of us. No more following absurd manuals and inventing identities and behaviors that only lead to despair and discomfort. Men are there to enjoy them, not to suffer. Sex is for fun, relationships are for fun. Let us be ourselves and do not pretend to be who we are not enjoying life, each man and each moment. Let's not be bastards, this doesn't work. If we want man to treat us well, why should we have to treat him badly? This would be very cruel. It is one thing to be independent and another thing to be a true sorceress, and this must be taken into account to achieve our purpose. The moment a woman is an edge, the man runs away and looks for a more pleasant one, while the man really thinks that woman does not deserve to be with him. Who likes to be surrounded by someone who is fucking you all day? If you only lived to think about how you have to behave to capture a man and to plan strategies for how to continually squeeze his testicles, that would mean that you do not have a life where you have to deal with more important things. Conclusion? You would not be an independent woman. This question will be discussed further in the section What woman does a man really like?